About Us

Welcome to the webpage of the Process Control Group at UNSW. Led by Prof Jie Bao, we work on process systems engineering, including dynamic process modelling, control and analysis. Our research is focused on:


  • Advanced control theory development, including:
  • Process control based on dissipativity theory;
  • Process control based on behavioral systems theory;
  • Process control based on big-data;
  • Nonlinear process control for flexible manufacturing;
  • Distributed control (including distributed model predictive control and economic model predictive control);
  • Integration of process design and control;
  • Fault detection and tolerant control systems;
  • Modelling and control of collective dynamics.


  • Process control applications, including:
  • Advanced control of aluminium reduction cells;
  • Control of flow batteries;
  • Control of coal handling and preparation processes.